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Understanding the needs of user we create solutions that went above & beyond the brief.

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Design Strategy

Starting from concept to launch, we'll partner with your team to build a full-end digital product by mapping out customer's journey.


User Experience Design

Looking through the lens of users, we create a delightful and easy to use digital experience.


User Interface Design

Combining intelligence with beauty for every user interaction. We strive to make the digital experience more intuitive.


Design System Assets

We focus consistency and accessibility of your product across all digital platforms.


Rapid Prototyping

Leting user quickly test UX of the product in less time while providing smart solution to identify opportunities, enhance productivity and user satisfaction.

A simple, iterative process.
The duration of each phase in our process will be tailored to your individual project needs.
We hold an icebreaker cross questioning session to understand your business needs and vision of the product to create exceptional outcomes.

Activities & Deliverables
- Identify the Project team
- Defining the Scope
- Statement of work
- Contract Signoff/Execution
- Project Kickoff
We explore by collecting relevant information from accounts, demos and customer research stats. We analyze data in-depth to spot any weaknesses in the existing research on markets, competitors, and customers.

Activities & Deliverables
- Identifing major pain points
- Goals to be achieved
- Competitor analyses
We define use cases on the basis of information gathered and create initial drafts with paper wireframes. Meanwhile, we collect necessary technical requirements and brand guidelines to be considered during design phase.

Activities & Deliverables
- Use Cases
- Design Stratergy
- User Flow Diagram/ Interaction Model
We follow a rapid interactive approach for creating wireframes by acquiring essential feedback in early stages. Once approved, we create a visual design draft focusing not only on functionality but also look and feel of the product.

Activities & Deliverables
- Wireframes
- Interactive Prototype
After incorporating your feedback and scrutinizing the design to identify if any loopholes, we come up with a final draft of visual design by providing the best possible solution. In addition, we provide support throughout the implementation process and beyond.

Activities & Deliverables
- Interactive Prototype
- System Assets & Specs
- UI Style Guide
- Source Files
- HTML/ CSS for Web based projects

Exceptional Clients

“ I would like to thank you for building Comprehensive Health Digital platform for us!! I really appreciate the efforts you and your team has put together to get this job done. Especially, I acknowledge your ‘can do’ attitude that made it possible to turn our idea into reality.”

Geraldine Przybylko
Division Health Strategy Consultant

“ We love TkXel’s Accelerated Discovery Workshop as their team made it a lot easier for us to understand the app development process. We were able to address our users’ problems like pros! In addition to app development, ADW also helped us make our app go viral.”

Mark Carney
CEO, Reidmark


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