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Life’s too short to make bad apps.

We conceptualize, design and develop the right solution for you so that nothing holds you back from success.


Schedule your free, no-obligation strategy session now and get a feasibility report of your idea from both a business and technology perspective.


You need to have a brilliant execution plan to make your idea real.Our non-stop two-day Accelerated Discovery Workshop will define your minimum viable product and help you move to the development stage.


Ready. Set. Let’s Code. With your requirements established, wireframes created and our skilled technical knowledge in your corner, you’re set for success.


A product is never complete. We provide continued support and maintenance as your product evolves and your business grows.


Create a professionally designed and functional pitch deck. We work closely with you to create a deck for your product that you can use to raise capital.


Some amazing start-ups that we’ve worked with

“TkXel’s accelerated discovery workshop is truly a must if you’re looking to create a product – it gives you an opportunity to look at the problem you’re solving from different angles and then eventually arrive at something that is truly a minimum viable product.”

Matias Monges

“We were lucky to attend ADW which gave us a real confidence booster about TkXel’s ability to ultimately develop the app for us. The development period was very smooth. Their team-practice agile development and having a build delivered every 2 weeks really helped us evolve our app.”

Felipe Cruz

“We cannot thank TkXel enough for their constant support and professional services which made us who we are today. They also made us gather relevant product knowledge, helped us understand the pain points & encouraged us to turn our app idea into reality.”

Robin White

“We love TkXel’s Accelerated Discovery Workshop as their team made it a lot easier for us to understand the app development process. We were able to address our users’ problems like pros! In addition to app development, ADW also helped us make our app go viral.”

Mark Carney

We understand the
Challenges that startups face

& provide all the resources you need to develop a world class app.

You have brilliant ideas and TkXel has all the necessary expertise, workflow and manpower to take your project from ideation to market success.

As problem solvers, we love new challenges. We have worked with dozens of startups over the years and our “Idea to Success” process has helped many achieve success.

Give us 2 days & we will give you a
product that wins!

Starting off on the right foot is critical. Accelerated Discovery Workshop is the key to a successful app.

You could spend thousands of dollars on development, only to find that your idea needs to be adjusted. Our process starts off with a non-stop 2-day workshop. Through the workshop we work with you, looking at the big picture while also working on smaller feature sets, allowing you to prioritize and separate “nice to have” from critical features.

The goal is to get your app to market quickly. The old way of capturing requirements just doesn’t work anymore (writing lengthy RFP’s, spending hundreds of hours on gathering requirements.). We also understand that products evolve and the flexibility you need is reflected in our contracts and agile development process.

Our Accelerated Discovery Workshop is complete in just 2 days. Heck, we can even give you actual screen mock-ups! This is forward thinking and efficiency at its best.

At the end of the workshop, you get:

Requirement Document

A document outlining user stories (features). Broad enough to keep the scope a bit lose but specific enough to ensure that the objective is captured.

Click-able Prototype

Actual visualization (screens / mock-ups) of your idea in form of a clickable prototype that works on your mobile device.

Project Plan

Once we define the requirements, we create a detailed project plan outlining the cost and delivery timelines.

Hit the ground running
with our top notch design & development team

We create beautiful applications with delightful user experiences.

Good design is only the first part of crafting a good user experience. It is equally important to understand exactly who your audience is but what features will be critical to drive your usage. The more engaged a user is, the more frequently they will use your app which helps with customer retention and acquisition, thus increasing revenue.

When it comes to app design and user experience, we’re the best. We took Nin60 (a world class “News Feed” app) from zero to millions of screen views in less than 2 months by creating an optimized and overall enjoyable user experience.

TkXel has developed a customized work flow, utilizing agile development, that is ideal for entrepreneurs and startups to get to market quickly and efficiently.

Do you need a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows app? Prefer a cross-platform responsive web app? Looking to bring your IOT experience to life? Want to build a next gen wearable solution for health, finance, retail & others? If you want it, we can build it.

As our clients go through development and beta testing, they often find that changes are necessary. We have specifically designed our work flow to offer the flexibility you need to adapt to your clients needs.

If changes occur, our process enables us to:

  • Conduct rescue missions – we fix projects inherited from other companies due to bad engineering or scope issues.
  • Finish projects at twice or even three times the pace of other companies.
  • Handle large and complex projects in a true agile fashion without spending months in requirement gathering.

We understand the needs and challenges of start-ups and aim to be your partner in development. Our end-to-end process consistently delivers, empowering you for success.

A team you can trust

What we bring to the table is an amazing product management team, a premium design studio, as well as world class developers. Combined with our quirky marketeers, who are masterful at thinking outside the box, TkXel is the ideal choice when choosing a development partner. And trust us, we bring fun and success together all while eliminating the headaches involved with most developers.

Our goal is to be your partner from ideation to market success, providing advice and support all the way through the process. We want to be your partner until you execute your exit strategy and we’ll help you get there.

We’re specially wired to work with entrepreneurs and startups.

Our “Startup: Idea to Process” process has worked wonders for many entrepreneurs.

Fanatical Customer Support.

Your IP is always protected.

Skilled designers who craft beautiful applications.

No binding contracts.
You can exit at any time.

No BS consulting.
We deliver what we promise.

Offer both Fixed Price or Flexible contracts.

Timely Project Delivery.

Have delivered 400+ mobile products with 125+ rescue missions.

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