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What’s keeping Product Managers awake at night?

55% of tech company leaders said lack of talent is adversely affecting their companies’ ability to innovate


Often termed as both an architect and a tradesman, product managers are required to have both business acumen and technical proficiency as they are responsible for brainstorming the product functionality, diving into the unique nuances of product development and then ensuring the product gets shipped on time.


Grow your business according to your vision

The Challenge

Product managers need to comprehend the customers’ basic needs to lay a strong foundation for their product. As product management roles continue to get complex, it’s increasingly important for leaders to develop an effective product strategy.

How TkXel can help


Product UX

Based on the research on user needs and behavior, our UXD team determines the way people will navigate and use your future product.


MVP Development

Our team of solution analysts and architects translate your vision into technology features, define product scope, and roll out an MVP strategy.


Product Testing

Our Quality Assurance team ensures that the product hits the market with full functionalities and performance.


Rescue Missions

In case you have a partially completed product with no documentation, we prepare a plan and get your software up and running.

The Challenge

With a ‘sea of data’ being generated daily, it will become inevitable to tailor interactions to individual consumers. Customers have become tech-savvy and now demand that their experience is personalized to suit their unique needs.

How TkXel can help



Our software engineers collaborate with designers to ensure that products we deliver to our clients are perfect from experience, design and technology perspectives.


User Research

Before getting our hands dirty, we do extensive research to build up your user personas, in order to map your product’s full customer journey.


Big Data

We help product managers adopt data-driven insights to use past interactions and information on customer preferences to make interactions more personal.


Machine Learning

Employ machine learning algorithms to gain a competitive edge, serve customers better and support the decision-making process.



Augmented reality and virtual reality facilitates you to deliver engaging experiences to your users on their personal devices.

The Challenge

Product managers have to wear many hats to get things done. As the product grows, the team needs to grow too or else the product manager will be spread too thin.

How TkXel can help


Discovery workshop

A collaborative, scope and time-bound phase where we define your idea from business, technology, and design perspectives.


Dedicated teams

We will build and grow your team based on your requirements, using our internal development resources and recruitment capabilities.


Staff Augmentation

Extend your in-house team with our resources who will become a part of your team and report directly to you.

What Product Managers Are Saying About TkXel

Using Machine learning to prevent health hazards through genomes data.

The TkXel team dealt extremely well with some of the factors beyond our control such as schedule extending. You showed the flexibility which makes for a great customer relationship. I appreciate your can-do attitude and honest approach to conversations about the work.


Charles Southworth

Chief Program Manager

The docketing app features an intuitive user interface, allowing our attorneys to track the U.S. and international patent systems and track over 100,000 dates and deadlines.


Robert K Burger


A fully integrated docketing solution for top IP litigation firm in US.

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