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Machine Learning

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Barclays Custom Software Development Company
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Transform your business with Machine Learning solutions

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Data Mining

Our data mining experts use sophisticated data search capabilities that use statistical algorithms to uncover patterns and correlations to extract knowledge buried in corporate data warehouses.

  1. Anomaly Detection
  2. Clustering
  3. Classification
  4. Regression
  5. Association Rule Learning
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Natural Language Processing

We have expertise in the area of human-computer interaction and can deliver solutions that derive semantic information from human speech and language.

  1. Semantic Analysis.
  2. Voice UI
  3. Spam Filtering
  4. Text Classification
Computer vision icon

Computer Vision

Our experts can replace human vision with computer vision by developing image processing and ML algorithms.

  1. Face recognition
  2. Biometric identification
  3. Visual identity
Process Automation Icon

Process Automation

We have developed bots that can take over all the manual tasks to make business processes more efficient and increase productivity.

  1. Data Validation
  2. Application Configuration
  3. Report Generation


Learning becomes more available

Geo Tracking
Geo Tracking


First, we understand your business problem and once we ascertain there is a fit for Machine Learning, we work in collaboration to chalk out a pathway, and list down the requirements.

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Geo Tracking

Data Exploration

Machine Learning solutions are based on data. If you have data needed to train the models, we will perform an primary analysis phase to find trends and correlations.

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Geo Tracking

Model Development

We run hundreds of experiments in parallel to develop a machine learning model. A model is the backbone of a machine learning system – trained on past data it can predict the future trends or read the text or images.

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App Development

We connect the model with a RESTFUL API or a front-end application, developing all necessary features in an intuitive interface for users to access the model.

Who we are

Who we are?

We are a team of Engineers and Data Scientist with PHDs in Mathematics, Computer Science and Robotics. We specializes in applying machine learning to business problems and developing Machine Learning powered software and technical solution for companies who want to leverage data for their business needs.

Technologies we work with

We use the best technologies available on the market, and we are constantly adding new ones.

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We’ve evolved over a period of 10 years acquiring skills and expertise by designing, developing and deploying solutions for the world’s leading companies.


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With a workforce of 180+ engineers who are experts in the latest programming languages, we have what it takes to transform your business.


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We are more than just consultants. We put our clients at the heart of what we do- left, right & center to add real value to their business.

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