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An award winning learning management system

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Inspired eLearning is the industry leader in Security Awareness, Compliance and HR training solutions. They have been named leader in the Gartner’s magic quadrant for fourth consecutive year for their Security based training.

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  1. Detailed out requirements using user stories methodology
  2. Created intuitive UI/UX complying with iOS 10 human guidelines by Apple and Google material design for Android.
  3. Co created and enhanced an SDK with a 3rd party which converts existing SCORM based courses into format playable on the mobile platforms.


Inspired eLearning has an award winning Learning Management Systems through which they offer tons of courses around Security Awareness but what they lacked was the mobile platform.
They were receiving an increased number of requests from their users to provide them mobile access to the same content on the go without compromising the experience. Since they are technology driven innovative organization, they look to collaborate with partners that are forward looking and futuristic in their approach.

Major Problems Includes

Defects Management

Job Role Access


Cyclical Maintenance


  1. Legacy based UI/UX not suitable for mobile platform.
  2. SCORM based existing courses content which is not supported on mobile platforms.
  3. Instead of re developing extensive set of courses, they required building a plugin or an SDK that can easily convert the existing courses in a format that is supported on the mobile iOS and Android platforms.
  4. Allow users to take complete courses on the go, even when offline.
  5. Additional layers of security to keep the data safe.
  6. Attendance mechanism for Instructor-Led Sessions.


  1. Online catalogs and course browsing.
  2. Event calendars and Instructor-Led course/session enrollment.
  3. Offline compatibility.
  4. Sync across multiple platforms to allow users to switch between mobile, desktop or laptop devices without losing the progress.


  1. On time and within budget project delivery.
  2. IeL got edge over competitors by providing their users an industry first mobile app designed specifically for cybersecurity and compliance training.

Everyone is impressed with the style, layout and feel of the app. People are excited to experience the ieL courses on their own phones.

Mison Riggins
Tech Writer, ieL

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