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TkXel’s discovery workshop is a collaborative, scope and time-bound phase where we define your idea from business, technology and design perspectives.

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During a 2-5 week workshop, we bring all stake-holders on board, pick their brains and make sure that the client and the development partner are on the same page. This builds tremendous confidence when going into the development and delivery phase.

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In the workshop, we aim to

Map the concept & understand client vision.

  • Understanding and analyzing the business problem.
  • Mapping the opportunities to prioritize solutions based on creating business value.
  • Understanding the solution scenario and building user profiles based on research.
Map the concept & understand client vision
Visualize the idea

Visualize the idea

  • Addressing the user interaction and the flow of screens.
  • Preparing wireframes and mock ups.
  • Building a prototype to assess the product viability i.e. technical problems, accurate requirements and weeding out approaches that do not work.

Assess technical viability & define scope for budgeting

  • Listing clear and comprehensive technical requirements
  • Identifying constraints for developing a counter approach to ensure project success.
  • Determining the project goals and deliverables to prepare a time schedule, allocate resources and budget the project to analyze the cost impact on the business
Assess technical viability & define scope for budgeting
Quantify business value (ROI) & define success criteria’s

Quantify business value (ROI) & define success criteria’s

  • Assessing the business value the project generates
  • Building a case to give clarity to the stakeholders and decision makers of the deliverables of the project and its business value.

Develop a comprehensive project plan

  • Creating a well-defined plan for developing and deploying the product.
  • Outlining in detail the timeline, resources, schedule and cost involved to help the decision makers decide whether to go with the project or not.
Develop a comprehensive project plan
Team Collage

We follow a simple 3 stage process

Concept Mapping

Ice Breaking Workshop: On site team introductions & defining an approach
Market Research: Existing user’s feedback. Competitive Analysis & gathering behavior Insights
Target Market exploration: Building User Profiles.
Picking Out best shots: Map Business drivers and Potential opportunities


  1. Existing system, if exists understood.
  2. Product vision aligned with business objectives
  3. Success metrics identified
  4. Solution ideas prioritized
  5. High level user scenarios identified.
Concept Mapping

Functional Prototype

Determine User path: addressing UI/UX specifications through interaction diagrams and screen flows
Backlog Definition: deciding on minimum viable product
Target Market exploration: Building User Profiles.
Prototype development: Assembling wireframe and mockup screens into functional prototype


  1. Prioritized Backlogs for agile development
  2. User Experience Brief.
  3. Visual Design Language.
  4. Wireframes & mock-up screens
  5. Clickable prototypes
Functional Prototype

Planning & Budgeting

Set Architecture Approach: the technology stacks and platforms
Defining Delivery framework: breaking down the development process into actionable steps
Budgeting and Implementation: outlining key alignment items, costs and resources


  1. Technical feasibility assessments
  2. Technical Architecture approach
  3. Development phase roadmap
  4. Cost estimates
Planning & Budgeting

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